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 Ҿ  :  ǡ ҹդͧ(the second queen of Ashoka) (Ҿҡ Google-͢ͺس)


Karuvaki (or Charuvaki) was the second queen[1] of the third Mauryan emperor, Ashoka. She was also the mother of Ashoka's son, Prince Tivala.


Contrary to the popular belief and portrayal, Karuvaki was not a princess but a commoner who took part in the Kalinga War. Karuvaki was immortalized in the Queen Edict wherein her religious and charitable donations were recorded as per her wishes. This gives an image of her being a self-possessed and strong-willed consort, who wanted an act of philanthropy recorded as specifically hers.[2][3]

The edict also identifies her as mother to their son, Prince Tivala (also referred to as Tivara), who is the only son of Ashoka mentioned by name in his inscriptions.[4][5][6]

Despite the fact that Ashoka had many queens, Kaurwaki is the only queen of Ashoka, who was named in his inscriptions and edicts.[7][8]



Notices :

                 ,” Karuvaki was not a princess but a commoner” might not be correct from watching  the video series  shown  +


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