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Colonel Prayoool Pol-Areey, Bangkok
The  Demon Axis in the Birth Chart of Field Marshal T.Kittikachorn.

(This lecture was given by Col.Prayool Pol-Areey, at Bangkok Astrological Research Institute, on the 26 of January,1975 and was translated into English by his assistant Mr.Anan Gitipitak).

A. Introduction
You probably remember that, on the 14-16 October 1973 a large number of students in Thailand caused riots all fight between the students and the police and military groups, resulting in many death and injuries. 

Looking briefly on the main causes of such an event was that the students has no confidence in some members of the cabinet ministers headed by the then prime minister Field Marshal Thanom Kitikachorn, also in some others who played important roles in the government administration.

In order to avoid further bloodshed and to satisfy the king's request, Field Marshal T.Kittikachorn agreed to resign from his post and left the country on the 16 of October 1973. The situation then calmed down immediately

Which regard to astrological presiction concerning Field Marshal T.Kittikachorn, there once appeared in a short column in the Hamburger-Hefte "There was a Buddhist Monk who had predicted that the Field Marshal would become a prime minister for 3 times, and he did hold the post for 3 times, This's his thrid..."

B. General Consideration
The research on the astrological structured effecting the Fall of the Field Marshal can be done systematically through our method by surveying carefully all the planetary pictures in the birth chart, and try to determine at what solar-arc those pictures will be activated.

In practice, however, when the "time-factors" are involved, the predictors may face some difficulties. This is because of hte multitude and the complcation  of the various structures in the birth chart which you will see from the Field Marshal's as for example. His chart contains both good and bad pictures closelt interlacing with each other. To pick up the dominant from such complicated strutures, experiences may at time be required.

As there are countless ways of knowledge in the astrological world unknown to us as yet that we do not yet know, the determination for the most effective prediction pointsmust, therefore, be done along with the systematic method which is the fundamental rule of the Uranian Astrology.

In seitting the cancer point against the Marshal to look for evil pictures, we found interesting ones that may be the cause of the fall of the native, as follows: 

                                   MC=AD/VU = KR//AR/AD

 This structure made exact planetary pictures to both the sensitive points AD+AD-KR and JU+KR-SA which, according to the Dictionary of Planetary Pictures, mean "Fall from great height; to tumble down from on high". His chart is in accordance with the saying"The higher somebody goes, the easier for him to fall", but he will not fall unless he has reached the height.

HOwever this structure will show its influences when AD or AR/AD move along the solar-arc to form a picture to the M. This was when his solar-arc was 60.33 grad (around October 1973), which can be shown as follows.-

                                MC=ADv= (AR/AD)v
That is one of the dominant structure in the chart that might have effected the fall of the Field Marshal.

The other picture should be.-

which would be activated by

                  (AR/SU)v =AR+AR-MC =SU+KR-AD or


when the solar-arc is about 60.33grad


C. Demon Axes
 In any caes, attention should be made to the lesson on "The best and the worst axes in the chart", written by Mr.Ludwig Rudolph, published in a book of Uranian Astrology "Leitfaden" in which the birth chart of Adolf Hitler, the ex-leader of Germany, was used as an example.

The main principle of the method is to survey by setting the index of the disc against each one of the factors in the birth chart, and determine which axes are most likely the best and the worst ones. The native's life will reach the peak and be down to the bottom when the best axes or the worst ones arrive, by their own solar-arc to touch each other respectively.

Using the above mentioned method to survey the chart of the Field Marshal, it was found that there were two axes which could be considered the worst ones. They are:

Axis1 The axis of Kronos (The axes of glory)
(Please note that of KR, SA and AS, each has its own connection with the others)

        AS/SA=KR  to be seperated from the father or from the boss. Seperations from the other people by the power of the state.
        AS/SA=UR Sudden leave-taking
        ME/CU=KR Discord or disunity among the leaders cause dissolution.
        NE/CU=UR Sudden dissolution of a community under revolutionary aspects.  Sudden events in a secret Organization.

As this axis is the axis of the fall, its influence, therefore, will be shown dominantly only after the native has reached his height. He will not fall unless he has reached the height.

Axis2 The axis of moon's node.(The Demon axis)

Notice the word "Demon" It can be good demon or bad demon. It is so called because of many facts in the astrology concerning the moon's node.

The Dictionary of Planetary Pictures described "moon's node" under the Interpretation of the moon's node, Ascendant, Aries, and Meridian that, ".....the moon's node has many interoretations. The north Moon's node holds the Character of Jupiter, while the south Moon's node, which is in its oppsition, tends to hold the charater of Saturn. The source of the  interpretation still remains in the clue...The moon's node often shows up the union of man and women, the death and the birth..."Both Thai and Hindi astrologers are very afraid of the Moon's node, especially when in conjunction or in oppsition to the Ascendant. This because it was often found that the time of disaster and also of death come with the Moon's Node. This is in spite of the fact that books of astrology say that it may come in the form of luck when a certain method of prediction is used.

Because of the unclearness as said, let's focus our attention to the Moon's Node from the chart of Field Marshal T.Kitikachorn, by setting the point of Libra against the Moon's Node. You will find the following bad pictures:


MA/NE=HA    Coming in touch with mean, vicious people, and to suffer from them. Destruction by drowning, epdemics or atrocity.

The Moon's Node in his chart can be said to be the bad demon, not the good one!

 D. The direction

Having  throughly surveyed the good and the bad axes in the chart and being confident with the result, the next step is to determine when the events according to the axes will occur. This is not difficult to work out.

It is no doubt that the two bad axes will show their influences when they are directed along the solar-arc to form aspects to each other. The directed Moon's Node formed an aspect of 22.30' to Kronos.

                                NOv=KR (SA=60.33')

This event will occur when the native would be about 62-63 years of age, which fell 1973. Having fixed the year, the next step is to find out the month and day of event. It can be concluded as follows:

  1. The  year of the event.  NOv=KR=AS
  2. The month of the event.

          The surveying can be done easily by using the "Lunar-arc" computed for October 1973 which was 103.56' (Mop-Mor)

                 SA+L.A. = MO    SU+L.A. =MO   NO+L.A. = SU   

                       AR+L.A.=MC     SU+L.A. =NO

                    MC+L.A. =AS =SA =UR =KR=NOv

This shows that both axes were thoroughly acticated by the Lunar-arc which caused the native's fall within the very month of October 1973.

    3.  The day of the event. Various methods of astrology can be used, such as: MCp=SA =SAt =UR=....

However, the interesting pictures are those of the Moon's Node.

                          SAt = NOv (Conjunction)

                          MAt = NOr (Conjunction)

                          NOt = SUr (135 degrees)

You should have already seen that the Moon's Node played surprisingly big roles in the fall of the Field Marshal. Therefore, in researching for such important events, the apprearance of this demon factor should not be overlooked.

Field Marshal T. Kitikachorn was born on the 11th of August 1911 at 3.58 p.m. Tak Province, Thailand




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