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ʹ㨽֡ҹ 硢ҵ çҹҵ 㹻 ҷҧ

ŹԸ͢سҾԵçҹ    LPN  Դ͡ѡ֡һԭҵ ͡ ʹ֡¹ ֡ҹ Ԩ   

Ѻѡ֡ҽ֡ҹ ѺѤ÷ءҢ   դسѵԷ ҹʺó¹ ͡ʷӧҹͷŹԸ

ʹ㨵Դͷ   034-434726, 086-1631390,084-1211609

觻ѵйӵͧҷ somponglpn@gmail.com

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Labour  Rights  Promotion  Network  Foundation (LPN)

·ȹ    ŹԸ͢سҾԵçҹͧôҹçҹسҾԵ ͧԷԤҤ þ觵ͧ äҧѹѧҧѹ



ŹԸ͢سҾԵçҹ   Labour  Rights  Promotion  Network  Foundation  (LPN)    “͢سҾԵçҹ”  ͵駢鹻»  2547Թ餳кؤ͡÷ӧҹҤЪѧ鹡÷ӧҹçҹҵ㹨ѧѴطҤѡ ͢سҾԵçҹ ֡ 鹤ͧ硢ҵ 繻ѭҴҹ֡ ա駾û»¢ͧ黡ͧ ѧѭçҹ硻лʶҹСͺ

͢سҾԵçҹ Թ㹻 ..2547 㹰ҹСͧþѲ͡ Թҹ䢻ѭҡ͡ԺѵԵçҹ¶ 㹪ǧáҨػäҹҳ з˹§ҹӡè¹繹ԵԺؤѹ  24 ѹҤ 2551¹ҡ “ŹԸ͢سҾԵçҹ” è¹Ѻͧҧ СͺѺѧʻѭҴҹçҹҵмԴ 繼˹§ҹѺʹѺʹعҹҳ ôԹҹջԷҾԴԷԼ

ŹԸ͢سҾԵçҹ ѵػʧçҹ¶Фͺǹ˹ѧ ԡâͧŹԸ ѡɳٹӻ֡Ъçҹ ֧ӻ֡Фͷҧçҹ¶ ÷ӧҹͧҧŹԸ¢ͺࢵ÷ӧҹ ͧҡըӹǹЪҡçҹҵ㹻ҡ çҹҵԷҷӧҹ繻Ъҡ˹ ѵҡԴ鹢ͧѭҧѹѹ Դ硢ҵ㹻  СͺѺաûСҪѭѵԻͧѹлҺä ..2551 ӤѭѺѭҡäٻẺͧçҹ ä֧繻ѭӤѭҧŹԸ еͧԹ Ѻ͡Ѻѭ лͧѹѭҡä 

ŹԸ ͧþѲ͡ ؤҡ˹§ҹشóФͧêçҹҵçҹ ա÷ӧҹҤʹǹҡ ŧʻѭҧԴѺçҹҵ Ѻҡ˧觻ѭҢͧçҹҵмԴ çҹҵԨէҹ §͵ͤͧ ǹ˭ͧ༪ԭѺѭҡö觾ҵͧ  öҶ֧ԷԢ鹾鹰ҹ Ѻäͧҧҹѧ§ зӤѭ çҹҵԤ͡кҧ դ§͡ö١ءǧһªԪͺ ͤҡкǹä ١ѧѺ ͡ǧѡѧçҹͧ çҹ ˭ԧҺԡ  繵鹷ҧŹԸ ֧鹡÷ӧҹ繰ҹ 䢻ѭҧԧѧ ѺҶ֧ԷԷ֧Ѻ çҹҵмԴѡФسҤѴѧѧš õ˹ѡ㹢͹зѡɳС÷ӧҹ 繡ѹѧҧѹդآ

ôԹâͧŹԸ ֡Ԩ»ѭҴҹçҹҵ ѭҡä㹾鹷軯ԺѵԡѺʶҺѹ֡ ŹԸ͢سҾԵçҹ (LPN) ѺʹѺʹعҧԪҡèҡʶҺѹ֡ ŧóԷ ʶҺѹԨ»Ъҡѧ ԷԴ ѧʧʵ Է¸ʵ Է蹷ʹ֡ 鹤һ繧ҹԨ·Ǣͧҹçҹ㹾鹷ѧѴطҤ ֧ѺʹѺʹعҡͧҧͧ ŹԸ͢سҾԵçҹ (LPN) ѺʹѺʹع÷ӧҹͻ硵ҧҵçҹҵԨҡͧçҹҧ ILO-IPEC, ͧêҪҳҨѡ Save  the  Children UK, ʶҹ͡ѤҪٵ蹻Шӻ, UNIAP  繡÷ӧҹǡѺ÷ӧҹͧѹçҹٻẺ  äͧԷ硵ҧҵ ԷԷҧ֡ ԷԷҧآҾ ûͧͧ Сûͧѹä㹾鹷դ§٧͡ǧһªҹçҹСä   ʹҡôԹ ͧêӹҭõͻ繷ǢͧѺԴԷçҹ ûͧѹлҺä ͧҡŧӧҹҤʹ¡ûԺѵԡѺҤҤѰ ҤͧþѲ͡Ǣͧ

ҡʺóӻ֡çҹҵ㹪ǧ 8  շҹ ҧŹԸ  դФǪҭ㹻繻ѭҷǢͧѺçҹҵ ੾Сѭҵ ͡çҹҵԷҷӧҹ㹻 鹾Ѳҡ䡡äͧԷСҼ¨ҡö١Դ ֡çҹҵмԴ ԷԴҹآҾ ÷ӧҹʹ ֡ кԡ÷ҧѧ աѧٹӻ֡һѭҴҹçҹФդ Labour  Center (LC-LPN)  ӻ֡һѭҴҹçҹ дԹçҹçҹçҹҵ㹻Էª Ҷ֧ԷԢ鹾鹰ҹ ûͧѹçҹ ûͧѹä˭ԧ ûͧѹäٻẺͧçҹ зԴҶ֧ԷԷҧ֡ҢͧصҹͼԴçҹҵ

ѨغѹŹԸਵ蹷дԹҧͧ оѲкҶ֧êͼʺѭҨҡö١Դ ੾ҧ觡ԴԷªعç ö١駤Фҵ㹻


ѹԨ   ҧŹԸ鹡÷ӧҹͧҶ֧ѺҹԷԢ鹾鹰ҹͧ ֡ آҾ آҾ͹¡ԭѹ Էçҹûͧͧ Child Protection ûͧѹçҹ Сûͧѹä 繵 зҧŹԸ˹ѡ֧ӹǹ;¾ҷӧҹ㹻¢ͧçҹҵԷ աѧѧͤͧҡçҹҵ繾ͧͧͧѧ աԴԷԢ鹾鹰ҹԷçҹͧçҹҵ áԨͧͧè֧˹ͪº͡çҹѡ ੾дҹԷԾ鹰ҹ ԷԴҹçҹ  ֧ѹѧҧѹآ



  1. ҧ Сѹҧءͧçҹ çҹҵ ͺ Ъѧ
  2. Ҷ֧äͧԷԢͧçҹ Фͺ 
  3. ҧѡҾ͢·ҧѧͧçҹ  çҹҵ ͺЪ ö觵ͧ ¤ҧҤѰ Ҥ͡ ҤЪҪ
  4. ҧ˹ѡѺԴͺ㹡ôآТͧçҹ ͺ Ъ
  5. ԹҸóлª ͡Ѻͧáá Ҹóª







  1. ֡ԨԧԺѵԡ С÷ӧҹҹŷçҹʺѭµç  лѭԧçҧͧ ѧ йº
  2. þѲç÷ʹͧѺѭҤͧâͧçҹ
  3. ÷ӧҹµç ҹ ѭҡҶ֧ԷԵҧ
  4. þѲ͢˹§ҹҤѰ  ͡  ͧê㹾鹷軯Ժѵԧҹ  дѺ
  5. ÷ӧҹԧԷ  С÷ӧҹԧº  Advocacy  ͡Ҷ֧ԷԢ鹾鹰ҹ Էçҹ ԷԷҧآҾ ԷԷҧ֡  Сúԡ÷ҧѧҧ
  6. ҧкǹ¹ ǹͧçҹ͡þ觾ҵͧ



1. 鹷ӹѡҹҢ: طҤ (ӹѡҹ˭) طûҡ ا෾ҹ Ҫ 

2. 鹷ԧ繻ѭҡä ǻ



Financial contribution can be transferred to:

ͺѭ   ;   Labour Rights Promotion Network

͸Ҥ : Krung Thai Bank Pcl.

Ң :          Chamchuree Square Branch

Ţѭ : 162-0-09432-0

Swift Code: KRTHTHBK



ŹԸ͢سҾԵçҹ (LPN)

Ţ  25/17-18 ҹҪͧͧ

. ˡó  . ͧ   . طҤ  74000

Ѿ   034-434726, 086-1631390

Email: lpnthailand2011@gmail.com, somponglpn@gmail.com





Labour Rights Promotion Network Foundation (LPN)



            The Labour Rights Promotion Network is an organization committed to promoting and protecting equal rights and improving the quality of life for migrant laborers. The foundation also seeks to improve the self-reliance of migrant laborers so that they can be more peacefully integrated into society.


The History of LPN:

            The Labour Rights Promotion Network Foundation (LPN) was established in 2004 by a small group of individuals aiming to work in the field of social work, emphasizing migrant labour issues in Samut Sakhon province. LPN observed that a large number of migrant children lacked education due to neglect from guardians as well as being involved in forced child labor.

            LPN first operated in 2004 as a private development group aiming to eliminate the unfair treatment of migrant laborers. Initially, adequate funding was a challenge, however this changed when LPN was registered as a legitimate NGO. The legal approval of LPN and the increasing number of migrant laborers and their issues resulted in an increase of support for the LPN from various organizations. The increase in support for the foundation significantly enhanced the effectiveness of our operations.

            One of LPN’s goals is to improve the ability of migrant laborers to integrate into Thai society. We provide service centers to offer assistance and information for laborers on topics regarding their work and legality of their migrant statuses. As the migrant population increased, we expanded our range of operations. For example, many of the laborers are underage, which leads to the issue of child labor. In 2008, the government introduced, and began enforcing, the Anti-Human Trafficking Act BE 2551. This Act highlighted human trafficking cases as an important issue to resolve. This allowed LPN to operate far more efficiently to help and protect victims suffering from all forms of human trafficking. 

            The staff at LPN is committed and willing to assist both migrant and Thai laborers alike. Most of our operations deal with the roots of migrants’ issues, such as lack of knowledge of their fundamental rights, lack of self-reliance, and lack of adequate protection from and vulnerability to being exploited. LPN takes cases from victims of human trafficking, forced labor, the forced imprisonment of laborers, child labor, and prostitution. LPN focuses primarily on field cases at the local level in order to resolve laborers’ issues effectively. We believe that all deserve equal dignity and are equal regardless of race and ethnicity.    

LPN has researched migrant labor and human trafficking conflicts and also operates joint-education centers with Thai public schools for migrant children. Academic materials are supported by the Asian Studies Institute at Chulalongkorn University, the Population and Society Institute at Mahidol University, and the Social Work Faculty at Thammasat University. We gladly welcome institutes and universities interested in researching related topics or issues at LPN. Our major donors are the ILO, Save the Children UK, the Japanese Embassy, and UNIAP. We specialize on issues related to labor rights and the protection and prevention of human trafficking; most of our field operations are connected with government sectors and development organizations.

The past 8 years in assisting laborers provided   experience, knowledge, and professionalism on issues of migrant laborers, specifically, those who are stateless. We stress the need for a mechanism to protect victims of exploitation, to support necessary education for laborers and their children, rights to equal health, social services and work safety. LPN has also operated as a call center for Thai and migrant workers, advising them on general or legal matters related to labor rights, human rights, the prevention of human trafficking, and opportunities and access for their children to primary education.  

LPN is committed to operating with these issues continuously and developing a system to rescue victims of exploitation and human trafficking more effectively.


Mission Statements

We operate on providing fundamental rights to education, health services, and reproductive health services for migrants and their children and toward preventing children from become child laborers.  



  1. To develop understanding and integration into Thai society so that all individuals’ rights are protected
  2. To encourage workers to become more self-reliant, with aid from the public and private sectors 
  3. To create awareness for the responsibility and wellbeing of workers and their family members
  4. Our operations are voluntary, aid is meant to provide any necessity for the public



  1. Field research and operations are targeted towards workers facing issues, public infrastructure conflicts, or policy 
  2. Providing advice for workers to help them on any matter for which they seek assistance
  3. Increasing the number of state, private and local organizations involved
  4. Operating advocacy to ensure basic rights, labor rights, rights to education and other social services
  5. Creating education processes and increasing the cooperation of the laborers to improve their self-reliance


The Content of LPN


  • Access to basic human rights.
  • Education.
  • Health.
  • Child protection.
  • Worker’s rights.
  • Prevention of child labor.
  • Prevention of human trafficking.
  • Reproductive health.


Activities of  LPN


  • Direct assistance to victims.
  • Development of services.
  • Counseling center.
  • Center for multicultural and migrant enter.
  • Temporary Shelter
  • Center prepares children enrolled in the school system.
  • Learning center for children and adults.
  • Support Migrant children in the Government school system.




Offices and areas of work

1. Headquarters in Samut Sakhon and an office in Ratchaburi 

2. Operates as a network in all provinces of Thailand


Supported by  :  ILO, UNIAP,OXFAM,SCUK,GGP-Japan Embassy


Samutsakon office

Labour Rights Promotion Network foundation (LPN)

  25/17-18 Mahachai Muangtong Village

Rd. Sahakorn. Samutsakorn 74000

Telephone   034-434726, 086-1631390


Sompong  Srakaew

Founder/Executive Director


Email: somponglpn@gmail.com


Websites: www.lpnfoundation.com






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