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The abandoned castle of Arnête III


I ask for permission

listen to music

I listen to all my favorite songs.

I use humanitarian rights to listen.

I will die in my sleep.

And wake up refreshed again.

To be born to listen to every song in the novel.

I imagine it is.

I did not sell the dream.

But I find the truth to sell.


But use the imagination.

And I mean, it really is.

To make my life easier, the tribe of the city of Kiyong has come down.


If I'm not listening, I need to get some help from it.

At least several birds at Anante Garden, I have to merit it.

If I find a panther I will not let it go.

I was afraid that it was my food.

I will not use a rifle to shoot it, even though I have.

Or gods forbid.

And finally, I found a source of happiness.

And I got the mood to compose music for life and emotions up.

HAUSER - Vocalise (Rachmaninov)

2CELLOS - Benedictus [LIVE at Arena Zagreb]

from youtube trade mark.


This song is not translated, you open it and hear a translation of his voice, I said that.

If I had a proposal




Good song

By me

Imagine, and do not cheat, or pretend to deliberate.





I was born to do good.


I'm good at doing

That is good breathing.

Eat well

Good love (repeat)



I do good two good. To make it good


Two cats are cute ...

Many birds at home, I love ...


Snow White I love Although it's cool ...


I love to go in the river of evil.

I'm not sure what to do.

I saw the moon in the night I was late.

It is the moonlight of good.

After midnight straight

On Monday night full moon.

I love and cherish ..

I'm not going to keep my goodness away from me.


arnonte arnonte arnonte ....

There is one good .... there are two good ... there are three good ... (repeat) To Arnonte ...


And to the deserted castle of Arnonte

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