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Relaxation and Meditation

Dr. Panatchaya Leelayouth                                                                                                                                             

     The Buddha’s teachings have well known in the world. One of them is the natural practice that is to meditate on the doctrine. Nowadays, the world of high competition  economy and society, have an impact on us who have derived weaker health and higher stress which are interesting that we will apply with the natural way that everyone can take it on us own.  As a result, I will explain the pros to be gain from relaxation and meditation by condensing.

      First of all, to mention the background of meditation, the history of meditation practice is the history of easterners in the religious group, with Dhamma practicing. That is the way of practicing as followers to lead to the teachings of Buddha for inner peace. What are the benefits of relaxation and meditation? I have many things that I want to tell you all, but I would like to focus on them shortly.  First, relaxation and meditation have got for mindfulness. The teachings of the Buddha have been taught by self-training. Meditation is a way to calm oneself for going to the ultimate goal with practical training. If we try often to practice as long as possible that can help us getting the mindfulness to do something with discretion. Secondly, relaxation and meditation have been treated for healthiness by relaxing the body from fatigue due to stress working each day. We merely take about 15-20 minutes by meditating, which can help relax the brain and muscle strength. It will help in the treatment of good health for relaxation. According to researchers on health talk with health care with relaxation and meditation to help heal and cure diseases such as stress, anxiety, sadness, and physical movement. Finally, relaxation and meditation have been resulted in peacefulness. Peace and happiness as a result of meditation and relaxation, whenever we create internal peace within ourselves, it is possible to make peace with civil society. As a result, the world is continuing to have love and compassion for human beings. These things can occur with practicing gradually.

      A summary of state, relaxation, and meditation is the body and mind. We have a perfect body and mind as long as the body has health completely body and mind that loving-kindness. These are keeping on society and people beside us happiness. Furthermore, we make the peaceful world, not only practicing the Dhamma, but also obtained the positive effects in many ways in the body and mind concurrently with relaxation and meditation.


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