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Religious Studies and Community Development in the Covid-19 Crisis 

Dr.Panatchaya Leelayuth  Maha Chulalongkorn Rajavidyalaya University

Asst.Prof.Dr.Nakamon Punchakhetthikul Phranakon Rajabhat University

Efforts to resolve human crises of all ages, resources, methods and processes are often drawn from religious doctrine and religious leaders of each age play an important role. According to the historical evidence for religious studies, there is a doctrine inscribed on the story. events to be displayed known as the world's main religious scriptures. Religious education is therefore necessary not only to play a role in human beings in terms of their beliefs and way of life. organizing socialize As well as the creation of socialization processes that affect the development of communities and societies that are culturally diverse are also influenced by religious studies.

The development of local communities and societies is essential for the formation of structural and practical interactions of human identity and practical linkages to social institutions that emphasize the social role of human beings in each society.

A humanities perspective that emphasizes innovative processes in theological studies and an emphasis on differentiated humanity. This will give us knowledge and understanding in the direction of community development. Local and societies that are deeply rural and urban and able to create the right perspective to organize and formulate development strategies to bring about a balanced solution of human identity. Society and environment are limited and different.


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