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ǵ 4 ظѾ , Chaoying ա 2 ǵͧ

ҹͧ"ʶҹó"㹡óշش(Worst case scenario) ѧҡ͡ 24 չҤ ФѺ ·ҹҨͧ 繡""Թԧ 

ͧҾ˭ ҡͧдѺҤдѺš ¡ҤѴ駷ҧ ʵͧ(Geopolitical conflict)ҧѰШչ ͹Ѱ÷öԴչ ᷺ҡö֧繾ѹԵ еʵ ¤ٹҧͧ¹ͧ

ҧҧ繢ͧѡԡѹ Andrew Korybko ҹ溷Ѻ ǡѺ ʶҹóҤҧͧš 繤Ѵ駷ҧʵͧҧ Ѩغѹ¹ʻصԡͧ

ͧ觷Դҵʹ» з觶֧Ѩغѹ ʧẺҹ(Hybrid wars)ͧѰ ẺǡѺԴ ù ๫ҹͧ ⪤շҹ ʶҹó ѧ֧Դʧҧͧ դ駡͹˹ҹ ੾˹ҷӤѭҹѺ

"ѡԡѹҺ͡ ҹѰʹ ѡԳѡɳ 繹¡ ѰͧѰŷѡѰ طʵԴչҹ "Chinese Containment Coalition (CCC)"ҹ ԭҵСŪԹѵ ͹ҧѺҡǪ Ѱöҧͺ ҡҧ㹡ʹѺʹع駤 жդ ѰҨҼѤä 㹪ǧ¹ҹҧͧ ͹áѺ׹ӹҨ ҧ١¢ͧ駤

..ط ѧ繼 ѧѰ ¤繷âͧ ..ط ͧФͧ÷к çѺἹâͧѰ ¤繷Ҫվ դҧ֡ 㹻ԺѵԡâͧѰ㹻Ȣͧ Ҩ֧Ф骹Դ зѡҹͺطʵ 㹡ûͧӹҨ͸Ի¢ͧ

ռӢͧȤ Ѻʧš駷 2 ҷлͧ͡Ҫͧ ͡طǢӹҨҧ索Ҵ äҴԴ㹻ѵʵ ѹҧ¡ѺѰ ǹ "褹͵ҹԡѹ" ͧȢͧ ͧ١ѧ¨ҡʧ繤ҧѰѺչ ЩйҨ֧ǧ ӹҨ ¾觡ЪѺѹѺչ ʹ鹷ԾҡԨóѰ ͧ"

Ѻҧ Ҩŵ蹺ҧ ҡҹԧҧҧ աͧԡѹʹ 㹡ͧҧ ͧ觷ѧԴ㹺ҹ»

"ԧ ..ط Ҩӷշش ͧǹ ҹҨ繷ҧ͡շش ʶҹóԴ㹻Ѩغѹ"

( IO ͧ㴹ФѺ ͧҡѹ稨ԧ)

https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=862360680773432&id=100009985242946 źͧ Andrew Korybko Ź

à¸à¸¥à¸à¸²à¸£à¸à¹à¸à¸«à¸²à¸£à¸¹à¸à¸ à¸²à¸à¸ªà¸³à¸«à¸£à¸±à¸ Andrew Korybk

"The geopolitical significance of Thailand cannot be overstated. The country’s dual maritime and mainland identities allow it to exert influence in either direction, and by tangential extent, so too can its premier allies. For decades, the US had used Thailand as a springboard for promoting its unipolar interests deeper into the heart of mainland ASEAN, but with Prime Minister Prayun Chan-o-cha’s decisive pivot towards China, Beijing can now reversely utilize its strategic advances in the country in order to acquire unrestricted access to the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, China isn’t the only country that has identified Thailand’s geopolitical potential, since both India and Japan are partnering with it in order to construct their own transnational connective infrastructure projects, the ASEAN Highway and the East-West Corridor, respectively. In the case of the latter two, their combined projects create the possibility of linking both of the Indochinese Peninsula’s coasts, which would of course complicate China’s multilateral economic diplomacy with the subregion via the ASEAN Silk Road. Finally, Thailand is a distinct civilizational center in mainland Southeast Asia that has previously been a force of strength and stability, and the undermining of its unifying identity of Thaification and its structural support mechanisms of the military and monarchy, no matter in which manner this may be, could create a burst of chaotic energy that collapses Thailand’s multipolar bridgehead potential and converts it into a geopolitical sinkhole."

"The US doesn’t care about Yingluck or Thaksin personally, but what it simply wants to see is a loyal pro-American proxy government installed in Bangkok to facilitate the creation of the CCC, and it just so happens that the Shinawatra family has enough convincible (rural) popularity to ‘justify’ their imposition in the eyes of the international community. If need be, the US could conveniently find a fill-in candidate to assist with the political ‘transition’ before either of those two ‘legally’ return to power, but the national vision that Chan-o-cha has set out to achieve is in stark contrast to the US’ plans. Being a professional military man of the nation’s highest caliber, he has deep knowledge about how the US operates within his country, and he’s thus taken to using that privileged information in order to craft the most efficient strategies for combating Washington and ensuring his country’s sovereignty. No leader in Thailand’s post-World War II history has taken moves as bold as he has to defend his country’s independence, thus making Chan-o-cha’s rise to power completely unprecedented in the history of US-Thai relations. He’s not “anti-American” per say, but it’s just that he does not want to see his country become a sacrificial vassal state in the New Cold War against China, ergo the pragmatic multipolar balancing measures he’s undertaken in accelerating Bangkok’s relations with Beijing (while refraining from open criticism of the US)."

Andrew Korybko is the American political commentator currently working for the Sputnik agency. He is the post-graduate of the MGIMO University and author of the monograph “Hybrid Wars: The Indirect Adaptive Approach To Regime Change” (2015). This text will be included into his forthcoming book on the theory of Hybrid Warfare.


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"ԧ ..ط Ҩӷշش
ͧǹ ҹҨ繷ҧ͡
շش ʶҹóԴ㹻Ѩغѹ"



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