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วันอาทิตย์ ที่ 27 ธันวาคม 2558
Posted by นายยั้งคิด , ผู้อ่าน : 614 , 08:46:32 น.  
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 Hello ! My everyone dear friends

AUTHORITIES in the areas bordering Thailand and Burma yesterday warned Thai nationals not to visit

Myanmar at this time, as thousands of people held protests across the border after a Thai court’s death

sentence verdict against two Myanmar migrants last week.

Thai people who'll go to Myanmar at this time, please read the warning in news reported today.You'll

have risk at over there. If you have necessary to go on business,ask the information service center firstly.

You 've to decide whether go or not.

Many thanks to Google Translate again today.

Elvis Presley - All Shook Up - Lyrics https://youtu.be/ATDJ8VPJG5s



Let's Read N Learn


Thais urged to defer travel to Myanmar

THE SUNDAY NATION December 27, 2015 1:00 am
Myanmar people protest yesterday in Tachilek town, just across the border from Chiang Rai, against last week’s Thai court ruling in the Koh Tao double-murder case .

Myanmar people protest yesterday in Tachilek town, just across the border from Chiang Rai, against last week’s Thai court ruling in the Koh Tao double-murder case .

AUTHORITIES in the areas bordering Thailand and Burma yesterday warned Thai nationals not to visit Myanmar at this time, as thousands of people held protests across the border after a Thai court’s death sentence verdict against two Myanmar migrants last week.

Peaceful protests were held in the Tachilek and Taungoo border towns in Myanmar yesterday. And some 60 people continued with their protests for a third day outside the Thai Embassy in Yangon yesterday.

In Tachilek town, across Chiang Rai's Mae Sai district, some 2,000 people gathered at a local stadium about two kilometres from the border area. They protested against the Samui Provincial Court's ruling on Thursday handing down death penalties on Myanmar men Zaw Lin and Win Zaw Htun for the 2014 murders of British tourists David Miller and Hannah Witheridge.

Protest leaders submitted a letter to the Thai border authorities who accepted it on behalf of the Thai government. The letter called for a fair and just trial. 

Thai authorities temporarily closed the border checkpoint for safety reasons. The protesters dispersed peacefully later yesterday. The border checkpoint was reopened shortly afterwards.

At Taungoo town, about 400 Myanmar people protested against the court ruling. Some of the protesters were Myanmar migrant workers from the Thai side of the border.

The protest was peaceful and they dispersed at about 4pm.

Local authorities in Kanchanaburi's Sangkhla Buri district, which is across the border from the Myanmar town, urged Thai tourists in Myanmar to return home urgently and advised those about to cross the border to delay their visit.

About 60 protesters gathered yesterday outside the Thai Embassy in Yangon, which was closed for the weekend. The demonstration was peaceful and security officials were sent to monitor the situation, according to Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Sek Wannamethee.

Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai said yesterday that he did not think the protests in Myanmar would worsen and sour ties between the two countries. 

He said the Thai government was aware of the protesters' demands. "But we have to let the justice process to take its course anyway. That's an international standard of practice. The Thai court system is acceptable," he said.

The two Myanmar convicts were yesterday transferred from a jail on Koh Samui to the Nakhon Si Thammarat prison. They were moved early yesterday morning to the maximum security prison, which is intended for convicts sentenced to life imprisonment or death penalty.

Meanwhile, the Thai Journalists Association yesterday issued a statement in response to an earlier statement by the Myanmar Journalists Association about the court verdict.

The TJA said it agreed with the MJA that as journalists, "our responsibility is to seek truth and justice". The statement said, "We see the utmost importance of seeking truth and justice, especially in such a controversial case like the tragedy on Koh Tao. The Thai media has already engaged in investigative reporting on this case throughout the judicial process."

Pressure from Mynamar has also come from the National League for Democracy, which won the recent general elections. The party issued a statement urging the Myanmar government to give necessary assistance in filing an appeal on behalf of the Koh Tao convicts. The NLD also welcomed the protest against the court decision outside the Thai Embassy in a way that would not tarnish the country's dignity, Eleven Myanmar reported yesterday.

December 27, 2015 01:58 UTC


Why Do Americans Color But the British Colour? Thank Noah Webster

Three editions of Noah Webster's
Three editions of Noah Webster's "Blue-Backed Speller"
Question image

Quiz - Spelling in American English of 1806

Try this 1806 spelling test! See if you can guess which spellings Noah Webster changed.


Why Do Americans Color But the British Colour? Thank Noah Webster
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Some people collect stampsOthers collect coins.Noah WebsterJrcollected words.

He did not save just the words, of course, but also their meanings and spellingsHis collection became thebasis of today’s American English.

Who was Noah Webster?

Webster was born October 16, 1758, on a farm in West HartfordConnecticutHis family came from the early European colonists of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Webster was interested in language even as a child. He learned to read before he started school.

Most children at the time stopped their education after only a few years. But Webster continued his. He attended college at Yale University in New Haven,Connecticut.  

Noah WebsterNoah Webster

During the four years Webster studied at Yale, the American colonies separated from Britain in the Revolutionary WarPeople at the time argued about the language of the newly independent statesShould it be English or GermanAfter all, 10 percent of the population spoke German.

Others said Hebrew should be the common language.Many schools taught Hebrew so students could read the original Judeo-Christian Bible.

Webster thought the language of the American states should be English. But not British EnglishAmerican English. The only problem was that such a language did not yet formally existPeople in different American states used different wordsdifferent 

spellings and different pronunciations

The American Spelling Book

By this timeWebster was a teacherMost schools taught Latin, and students wrote or made oral presentations in Latin.

But Webster argued that it was more practical for “merchantsmechanics,plantersetc.” to know their own language wellIf they learned another language, he said, it should be a living language such as FrenchItalian,Spanish or German.  

Webster believed improving children’s education could help build a stronger nation. In an essayWebster wrote that Americans should study other countries’ histories and governments. That wayAmericans could avoid mistakesadvance the sciences, and “add dignity” to the United States and human nature.

Young Americans should also learn to use a standard and pure language,Webster saidSo he decided to write a series of textbooks: a speller, a reader and a grammarWebster published the first bookwhich came to be called the Blue-Backed Speller, in 1783.

Webster worked hard to promote the book. He invented the modern book tour. He traveled around the countrybringing books to his public speeches.

The speller immediately became a best sellerSoon it was used in schools in every state. In 1787 Webster changed the book’s name to The AmericanSpelling Book.

An important part of the method Webster taught for spelling was to divide a word into its sounds, or syllablesThomas Dilworth’s British spelling books said that people should pronounce “ti” before a vowel as a separate syllable. That rule made them say nation as “na-ti-on” and motion as “mo-ti-on.”Webster thought the correct pronunciation was “na-tion” and “mo-tion.”

Webster also thought some British spellings did not make sense. He preferred variations that some Americans were already usingSo in his works, he changed musick to music and plough to plow.

Some of the changes he suggested did not stay – such as changing tongue to tung and women to wimmen. But many others remained.

American writer H. L. Mencken wrote in the early 20th century, “The influence of his Speller was really stupendous. It … maintained its authority for nearlycentury.”

In the 100 years after the Blue-Backed Speller came out, the only book to sellmore copies in the U.S. was the BibleWebster’s speller helped unify thewritten language of the United States.  

The American Dictionary of the English Language

Webster used the money he was able to earn from his speller to begin anotherproject: a dictionary.

He believed Americans needed a dictionary that reflected their own geographypolitical system and historyHis first versionpublished in 1806,included about 40,000 words.

His secondcalled the American Dictionary of the English Languageincluded 70,000 words. To create it, Webster learned at least the basics of over 20 languages.

He also defined words that were new to American EnglishMany were borrowed from Native American languagessuch 

as “skunk” and “squash.” He also gave the pronunciation of words as Americans said them.

One of his definitions showed how proud Webster was of his country. He included a quote from its first leaderGeorge Washington.

After the word “American,” Webster wrote: “A native of Americaoriginally applied to the aboriginals, or copper-colored racesfound here by the Europeans; but now applied to the descendants of Europeans born inAmerica. ‘The name American must always exalt the pride of patriotism.’Washington.

Webster’s dictionary came to be a symbol of the country’s new national identity. The website Connecticut History.org points out that Webster’s effort salso marked the last time one person created a major dictionary alone.

few years after Noah Webster died, at the age of 86, two brothers gained the rights to the American DictionaryGeorge and Charles Merriam owned a printing and book selling businessThey were able to makeupdate and sell the dictionary at a less expensive price than the Webster family had.

The reference book became increasingly popular in schools and homes across the U.S. Like Webster’s spellerWebster’s dictionary became the authority on American English – not just in the 19th century, but today. For exampleif you are reading this article on a computerpoint the mouse to any word in the storyYou will see a definition from – you guessed it – Merriam-Webster.      

I’m Jill Robbins.

DrJill Robbins wrote this story for Learning EnglishKelly Jean Kelly was theeditor.


Words in This Story


standard – adjregularly and widely usedseen, or accepted; not unusual orspecial

pure – adj. not mixed with anything else

syllable – nany one of the parts into which a word is naturally divided when it is pronounced

variations – n. something that is similar to something else but different insome way

stupendous – adj. so large or great that it amazes you

version – n. a form of something (such as a product) that is different in someway from other forms

skunk – n. a small black-and-white North American animal that produces avery strong and unpleasant smell when it is frightened or in danger

aboriginals – n.  the original people to live in an area

exalt – v. to raise (someone or something) to a higher level

In the quiz to the left, we have a fun spelling test for youSee if you can guessthe correct spellings from Noah Webster's day.

Now it's your turn. What are some American words and spellings that have surprised you? Write to us in the Comments section or on our Facebook page.






Video English in a Minute: In Over My Head



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