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Hello ! My everyone dear friends

         The drought did not be problem in suffering with only human,but relate to animals also. At the first

time of the happening of heavy drought in country, there were news reported of anymals died in a lot.

Caused now the responsible authority have to supply water for animals, too.

         Many thanks to Google Translate today again.





Drought pushes animals toward communities

THE NATION March 1, 2016 1:00 am

THE DROUGHT has now hit wildlife and may force animals to intrude into human communities for food and water as natural water sources dry up, an expert warned yesterday.

However, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation revealed that Khao Yai National Park and Kui Buri National Park had already prepared water for animals to minimise intrusions into inhabited areas.

Royal Household Bureau veterinarian Dr Alongkorn Mahanop warned the drought would force wild animals such as elephants to migrate outside the forest for food and water because of water scarcity in national parks. "The wild animals have already felt the effect of the drought and they will do anything in order to survive," Alongkorn said.

He said the situation in Khao Yai National Park was very bad because hotels and resorts around Khao Yai used so much water from the forest and caused the water supply in rivers and streams to dry up. Some intelligent animals such as elephants can smell the water from far away so they will leave the forest and venture into resort areas.

"I predict that within a few months, we will encounter wild animal intrusions outside the forest area more often," he said.

Khao Yai National Park chief Kanchit Srinoppawan said the park was looking at the water shortage in the forest and had already prepared plans to supply water to wild animals.

Kanchanaphan Khamhaeng, Kui Buri National Park chief, said his park had to provide water and food for wild animals to prevent them from migrating outside the national park.

"We face a serious drought this year and the water and food for wild animals is running short. Therefore, the national park has worked with a Royal Initiative Project to build 16 artificial concrete ponds for the animals in the national park area," Kanchanaphan said. "Currently, we have already built 11 ponds, which have a radius of seven metres, are one metre deep and can hold 12,000 litres of water. Five other ponds are being built."

He said that the ponds were at least 2.5 kilometres away from the private pineapple plantation outside the national park and a pasture was planted nearby to supply food for animals so they would not intrude into farm fields.

"The water will be refilled once every two days and cleaned by the military officers from the Royal Initiative Project," he said.

However, Alongkorn warned the ponds could promote bacterial contamination in the soil, so the grounds should be examined every three to six months to prevent disease outbreaks.
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Video The Science Report: Einstein is Proven Right

The famed physicist, Albert Einstein, predicted a century ago that gravitational waves are traveling through our solar system. Scientists announced recently that they have found them.
The Science Report: Einstein is Proven Right The Technology Report: The Internet Comes to Cuba, Slowly Everyday Grammar: Understanding Fast Talkers English in a Minute: Living Under a Rock The Economics Report: Old Age and Debt Threaten Vietnam Economy English @ the Movies: 'Time Bomb' The Education Report: E-readers Help Thousands in Africa Learn to Read English in a Minute: Wiggle Room The Health Report: Saudi Arabia Women Athletes The Science Report: Ancient Shipwrecks Found, But No Missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 Plane The Technology Report: Twitter Suspends Over 125,000 Accounts for 'Promoting Terrorist Acts' Everyday Grammar: Simple Past Present Perfect English @ the Movies: 'Shaking Us Down' The Economics Report: Boko Haram Weakens Chad, Cameroon Economies The Education Report: Wages for Women Years Behind Men.........................................
March 01, 2016 02:04 UTC

Science in the News

Oceans To Hold More Plastic Than Fish by 2050

Section of plastic filament net pulled aboard from the open ocean. (Credit: G. Boyd, SEA Education Association)
Section of plastic filament net pulled aboard from the open ocean. (Credit: G. Boyd, SEA Education Association)


Audio Fewer Creatures in Future Oceans Could Provide Less Food

A new study is predicting that warmer ocean waters will mean fewer marine species through the end of the century. But other plants and animals will survive by expanding their territory. That is a finding from the largest study ever of marine plants and animals by an Australian university.

Audio Great Barrier Reef Choking on Pollutants

The Great Barrier Reef is off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia. It is the largest living organism on Earth. However, the reef is being damaged by climate change and pollutants from farms that flow into the reef.

Audio Is Sunscreen Killing Coral Reefs?

When you put on sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburn at the beach, the world’s coral reefs suffer. A new study shows that a substance in all sunscreens used in all the major countries affects the coral in major countries at an alarming rate.


Oceans Could Hold More Plastic Than Fish by 2050
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There will be more plastic than fish in the world’soceans by 2050 unless more recycling takes place. That is what a new report from the World EconomicForum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation warns.

If the current trend continues, the report saidoceanswill contain one ton of plastic for every three tons of fishin 2025.

By 2050, plastics will weigh more than fish, the reportsaid.

The problem is that each year at least 8 million tons ofplastics end up in oceans around the world.

The report said this is the same as dumping thecontents of one garbage truck into the ocean everyminute.

Not all plastic ends up in the ocean because someonethrows a plastic bottle into the water.

Plastic containers and other trash thrown onto streetsand sidewalks often are swept into oceans. The debristravels from storm drains during rain stormssaid theenvironmental group Marine Defenders.

Some end up in gyres. A gyre is a big whirlpool thattraps and moves the plastic in circles.

Unlike other types of trash in the ocean, the plastic never bio-degrades. Thatmeans it does not break down.

There is a way to slow the amount of plastics going into the oceans -- peoplecan recycle more. That is a major recommendation of the report by the WorldEconomic Forum and Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

The report’s authors say that currently only about 14 percent of plastics arerecycled.

It said research in Europe shows as much as 53 percent of plastic could berecycled using available technology.

The report says that another solution is using less plastic for packagingproducts. But that is not likely to happen, the report’s authors say.

Given plastic packaging’s many benefitsboth the likelihood and desirabilityof an across-the-board drastic reduction in the volume of plastic packagingused is clearly low,” the report said.

But the authors note reducing the use of plastics should be tried “wherepossible.”

For decadesscientists warned that plastics are killing fish. The NaturalResources Defense Council said research shows that fish are dying fromchoking after eating plasticsAnother cause of death is that plastics causeintestinal blockage and starvation,” the environmental group said.

I’m Mario Ritter.

Bruce Alpert reported and researched this story for VOA Learning English.Mario Ritter was the editor.

We want to hear from you. Write to us in the Comments Section or share your views on our Facebook Page.


Words in This Story


recycling – n. to make something new from something that has been usedbefore

trend – n. a general direction of change : a way of behavingproceedingetc., that is developing and becoming more common

dump – v. to put (somethingsomewhere in a quick and careless way

garbage – nthings that are no longer useful or wanted and that have beenthrown out

packaging – nmaterial used to enclose or contain something

choke – v. to become unable to breathe usually because something getsstuck in your throat















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