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Swasdee ! How are you doing ?

I'm sorry for coming too late, because the webpage of www.oknatiotv.tv was failed temporaly at morning.

But it came in usual now, with the solving of its editorial staff.

Many thanks both oknation.tv's staff & Google Translate today.


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The Health Benefits of Gardening


In this 2013 photo, these men pose with their prize-winning vegetables.
In this 2013 photo, these men pose with their prize-winning vegetables.

From VOA Learning English, this is the Health & Lifestyle Report.

As spring comes to half the world, many people can enjoy the new growth that comes with warmer weather. This is a great time to get outside and get dirty!

Gardening is popular in many parts of the world. This outdoor activity gives us beautiful plants, pleasant smelling flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables.

But it also gives us many health benefits.

Reduces loneliness

Gardening connects people. When you are gardening, you are outdoors. So it is a perfect time to socialize with your neighbors.

In this 2014 photo, this urban gardener picks herbs from her garden patch at a community garden in Omaha, Nebraska.
In this 2014 photo, this urban gardener picks herbs from her garden patch at a community garden in Omaha, Nebraska.

Most people love to talk about their hobbies, and gardeners are no different. They usually enjoy showing people what they are growing. And most enjoy sharing advice and stories about their gardens almost as much as sharing herbs, flowers and vegetables from their gardens.

Gardening can greatly widen a person’s community.

Some people may not have the resources to have their own garden. So, many cities and towns have community gardens. You can either volunteer or just visit to learn more.

Check what resources are available to you in your area. If there are no community gardens near you, there may be government money available to help you start one.

Healthy activity for children

Gardening is a great activity to do with children. It gets families outdoors and off computers, televisions and other electronics.

Gardening can be a great teacher.

Children can learn about nature and wildlife. Gardening can teach a child about where food comes from and healthy eating. It can also help them to understand the limits of natural resources and the importance of using them carefully.

Young members of the Crow Creek community showing the fruits of their gardening labors. Photo courtesy of the Crow Creek Fresh Food Initiative
Young members of the Crow Creek community showing the fruits of their gardening labors. Photo courtesy of the Crow Creek Fresh Food Initiative

Vitamin D

When you are in your garden, you might feel the sunshine on your skin. This means you are getting Vitamin D.

Vitamin D helps our bodies use calcium. That is necessary to keep bones strong. Vitamin D also helps us fight diseases.


Also, when you garden you must move around. All the different movements needed for gardening -- bending, twisting, stretching and lifting -- work small muscles in the body.

And you can easily get a good work out when you are digging holes or pulling weeds.

First Lady Melania Trump gardens with children at an event in the White House Kitchen Garden, 2017.
First Lady Melania Trump gardens with children at an event in the White House Kitchen Garden, 2017.


Gardening may also help you to feel calm and happy.

study by researchers in the Netherlands found that gardening may reduce the stress hormone cortisol in the brain.

Scientists say that high levels of cortisol in the body interfere with learning and memory. It can also increase a person’s weight, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Chronic, high levels of cortisol increase the risk for depression, mental illness and lower life expectancy.

In the study, the researchers gave 30 gardeners a difficult, stressful task. After completing the task, researchers measured their cortisol levels. The gardeners self-reported on their mood, or how they felt emotionally.

Then the gardeners were asked to recover by either gardening outdoors or reading indoors for 30 minutes.

Both activities led to lower cortisol levels. However, the decreases were stronger in the gardening group. Also, those who gardened reported that their good moods returned fully. The readers found that their bad moods only got worse.

Dementia and brain health

Gardening may help your brain stay young.

In another study in 2006, researchers looked at more than 2,800 people over the age of 60. They studied their lifestyle habits, activities and health over a 16-year period. They found that gardening could lower risk of future dementia by 36 percent.

Activities such as gardening uses many repeated actions, such as weeding or dead-heading (removing dying flowers from a plant). These actions have a calming effect on the brain. The brain is still active but not in the same way that it is, say, when we use computers.

In our technology-filled lives, gardening offers a chance to unplug. You cannot hold a phone or other electronic devices when your hands are filled with dirt.

Gardening can also give you the feeling that you have done something good.

A flower and herb garden can help feed bees and butterflies. Growing herbs and flowers, even in a of couple of pots at your city home, connects you to nature and pleases all of your senses.

What you grow in a garden usually looks, smells, feels and tastes really good.

And that's the Health & Lifestyle report. I'm Anna Matteo.


Anna Matteo wrote this story. Caty Weaver was the editor.



Quiz - The Healthy Benefits of Gardening

Quiz - The Healthy Benefits of Gardening


Words in This Story


garden – n. an area of ground where plants (such as flowers or vegetables) are grown; gardening – n. the activity of tending and cultivating a garden, especially as a pastime

hobby – n. an interest or activity engaged in for pleasure

lonely – adj. sad from being apart from other people : loneliness – n. the state of feeling lonely

bend – v. to move your body so that it is not straight

twist – v. to turn a part of your body around

stress – n. a state of mental tension and worry caused by problems in your life, work, etc.

hormone – n. a natural substance that is produced in the body and that influences the way the body grows or develops

chronic – adj. medical : continuing or occurring again and again for a long time

mood – n. the way someone feels : a person's emotional state

dementia –​ n. a mental illness that causes someone to be unable to think clearly or to understand what is real and what is not real


US Space Agency Expands Search for Distant Planets Able to Support Life

April 08, 2018

TESS, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, is shown in this conceptual illustration obtained by Reuters on March 28, 2018. (NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Handout)
TESS, the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, is shown in this conceptual illustration obtained by Reuters on March 28, 2018. (NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center/Handout)
US Space Agency Expanding Search for Distant Planets Able to Support Life

The search for worlds orbiting distant stars will intensify in the coming weeks when the American space agency NASA launches a spacecraft.

Scientists hope the spacecraft will enlarge the known list of planets that they believe can support life as we know it.

The space agency plans to launch the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite, or TESS, from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. NASA will be using a Falcon 9 rocket from a private company, SpaceX, to send TESS into Earth orbit.

Officials say the launch could take place as soon as April 16. They expect the satellite’s mission to last about two years and cost $337 million.

The latest NASA astrophysics effort is designed to build on the work of the Kepler space telescope. Scientists used the telescope to discover most of the almost 3,500 exoplanets documented during the past 20 years. Their discovery completely changed one of the newest fields in space science.

NASA researchers expect TESS to find thousands more formerly unknown worlds. They believe hundreds of these planets could be Earth-sized or “super-Earth”-sized — meaning they are no larger than twice as big as our home planet.

Experts believe such worlds hold the greatest chance of having rocky surfaces or oceans. This means they would be the most promising candidates for life, unlike large, gas-based planets similar to Jupiter or Neptune.

Astronomers said they hope to find about 100 more rocky exoplanets for future study.

The new satellite will take about 60 days to reach its special, first-of-a-kind orbit. This will send TESS between Earth and the moon every two and a half weeks.

Kepler’s positioning system stopped working in 2013, about four years after its launch. Scientists found a way to keep the telescope operating. But it has now used nearly all of its fuel.

Paul Hertz, NASA’s director of astrophysics, spoke to reporters in late March. He said, “It’s perfect timing that we’ll be launching TESS to continue the great activity of looking for planets around stars other than our sun and thinking about what it might mean for life in the universe.”

TESS is about the size of a refrigerator. Its wings have equipment to collect energy from the sun. And it also carries four special cameras to examine 200,000 stars that are relatively near the sun. These are the brightest stars in the sky. TESS will seek to identify which have planets of their own.

Like Kepler, TESS will use a method called transit photometry to identify unknown planets. Researchers will look for periodic, repetitive decreases in the visible light from stars caused by planets passing in front of them.

But Kepler only looked for stars within a very small part of the sky. TESS will examine the majority of the sky for shorter periods. It will also direct much of its attention on stars called red dwarfs, which are smaller, cooler and longer-lived than our sun.

One reason it will do so is that red dwarfs are more likely to have Earth-sized, possibly rocky planets orbiting them, noted David Latham. He is the TESS science director for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. He noted such planets are possibly fertile ground for closer examination.

Latham said another reason red dwarfs are important is that they are smaller and their planets orbit more closely than the Earth does to the sun. So a decrease in light from a planet passing in front of a red dwarf is easier to detect than with a larger star.

“It’s easier to find interesting planets around smaller stars,” he said.

Measuring decreases in starlight can identify an exoplanet’s size and orbital path. Further observations from ground telescopes can provide its mass, as well as its density and whether it is largely solid, liquid or gas.

Martin Still is the TESS program scientist for NASA. He said more than 50 rocky, Earth- or super-Earth-sized planets have been identified already. And NASA expects to increase that number through the new mission.

The most promising discoveries are to be examined by a new generation of larger, more powerful telescopes now under development. These will search for signs of water and “the kinds of gases in their atmospheres that on Earth are an indication of life,” Hertz said.

“TESS itself will not be able to find life beyond Earth, but TESS will help us figure out where to point our larger telescopes,” he said.

I’m Pete Musto.


Steve Gorman reported this story for the Reuters news service. Pete Musto adapted his report for VOA Learning English. George Grow was the editor.

We want to hear from you. What kinds of planets do you think TESS will discover? How likely is it that TESS will lead scientists to find life on other worlds? Write to us in the Comments Section or on our Facebook page.





Words in This Story


exoplanet – n. a planet that orbits a star outside the area of space that includes our sun and the planets moving around it

mission – n. a task or job that someone is given to do

astrophysics – n. the scientific study of the physical and chemical properties and structures of stars, planets, and other objects in outer space

refrigerator – n. a device or room that is used to keep things such as food and drinks cold

visible – adj. able to be seen

detect – v. to discover or notice the presence of something that is hidden or hard to see, hear, or taste

indication – n. something such as a sign or signal that points out or shows something


Federal Investigators Raid Office of Trump's Lawyer

April 09, 2018

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, steps out of a cab during his arrival on Capitol Hill in Washington, Sept. 19, 2017.
Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, steps out of a cab during his arrival on Capitol Hill in Washington, Sept. 19, 2017.

Federal investigators in the United States have raided the office of President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

The New York Times reported that agents seized documents, including those related to Trump's reported sexual relationship with actor and director Stormy Daniels.

Cohen's lawyer, Stephen Ryan, called the search “completely inappropriate and unnecessary." He said the investigators received legal permission for the search after a referral from special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump condemned the raid, saying that federal agents "broke into" Cohen's office. Trump also called Mueller's investigation "an attack on our country."

The Times reported the agents seized communications between Cohen and Trump.

Cohen paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 shortly before the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. Daniels says the payment was for her silence about a relationship she says she had with Trump beginning in 2006.

Trump has said he did not have a sexual relationship with Daniels and that he did not know about the payment.

Some legal experts argue that the payment may have been illegal campaign support.

I'm Ashley Thompson.


VOA News reported this story. Caty Weaver adapted it for Learning English with additional materials from the Associated Press. Ashley Thompson was the editor.


Words in This Story


inappropriate - adj. not right or suited for some purpose or situation : not appropriate or suitable

referral - n. the act of sending someone to another person or place for treatment, help, advice, etc.





Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (C) is escorted by U.S. Capitol Police as he walks in a hallway prior to a meeting with U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-SD), on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC Monday.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (C) is escorted by U.S. Capitol Police as he walks in a hallway prior to a meeting with U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-SD), on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC Monday.

Facebook's Zuckerberg contrite ahead of grilling in Congress

Tech April 10, 2018 08:32

By Agence France-Presse 


Embattled Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has placed the blame for security lapses at the world's largest social network squarely on himself as he girded Monday for appearances this week before angry lawmakers.

In prepared remarks released by a congressional panel, Zuckerberg admitted he was too idealistic and failed to grasp how the platform -- used by two billion people -- could be abused and manipulated.

The 33-year-old is to testify before senators on Tuesday and House lawmakers on Wednesday amid a firestorm over the hijacking of data on millions of Facebook users by the British firm Cambridge Analytica, which worked with Donald Trump's campaign.

"We didn't take a broad enough view of our responsibility, and that was a big mistake. It was my mistake, and I'm sorry," Zuckerberg said in his written testimony released by the House commerce committee.


"I started Facebook, I run it, and I'm responsible for what happens here."

In his written remarks, Zuckerberg called Facebook "an idealistic and optimistic company" and said: "We focused on all the good that connecting people can bring."

But he acknowledged that "it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used for harm as well. That goes for fake news, foreign interference in elections, and hate speech, as well as developers and data privacy."

- Investigating every app -

Zuckerberg recounted a list of steps announced by Facebook aimed at averting a repeat of the improper use of data by third parties like Cambridge Analytica, and noted that other applications were also being investigated to determine if they did anything wrong.

"We're in the process of investigating every app that had access to a large amount of information before we locked down our platform in 2014," said Zuckerberg, who was seen Monday on Capitol Hill, where he had at least one private meeting with a lawmaker.

"If we detect suspicious activity, we'll do a full forensic audit. And if we find that someone is improperly using data, we'll ban them and tell everyone affected."

Facebook has taken a series of proactive steps to make up for massive lapses in protecting personal data, as lawmakers signaled they intend to get tough on privacy.

Last week, the company announced new privacy tools to be in place in user news feeds on Monday, and said it would notify the 87 million users affected by the data hijacking scandal, amid probes underway on both sides of the Atlantic.

Over the weekend, it said it had suspended another data analysis firm, US-based Cubeyou, after reports that it had used private data harvested from psychological testing apps for commercial purposes.

- Backing 'Honest Ads' -

On Friday, Facebook sought to quell some concerns over political manipulation of its platform by announcing support for the "Honest Ads Act" that requires election ad buyers to be identified, and to go further with verification of sponsors of ads on key public policy issues.

Zuckerberg said the change will mean "we will hire thousands of more people" to get the new system in place ahead of US midterm elections in November.

"We're starting this in the US and expanding to the rest of the world in the coming months," Zuckerberg said.

On Monday, Facebook also agreed to supply proprietary data for a study on its role in elections and democracy, researchers announced.

"In consultation with the foundations funding the initiative, Facebook will invite respected academic experts to form a commission which will then develop a research agenda about the impact of social media on society -- starting with elections," a company statement said.

"The focus will be entirely forward looking. And our goals are to understand Facebook's impact on upcoming elections -- like Brazil, India, Mexico and the US midterms -- and to inform our future product and policy decisions."

Facebook has said it has seen little impact on its business from the privacy scandal despite a #deleteFacebook movement and concerns from advertisers.

But Brian Wieser of Pivotal Research said the entire digital advertising industry, of which Google and Facebook are the leaders, could be impacted by the scandal.

The changes announced by Facebook and Google restricting third-party access "indicate a higher likelihood that both companies will 'raise their walls' ... Both of these trends will likely harm ad tech companies focused on buying media or otherwise focused on the Facebook and Google ecosystems."

One prominent tech leader, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, announced meanwhile that he was leaving the social network.

"Users provide every detail of their life to Facebook," Wozniak told USA Today.

"Facebook makes a lot of advertising money off this. The profits are all based on the user's info, but the users get none of the profits back."


Houses in Doi Suthep ‘cannot be scrapped’

Breaking News April 10, 2018 01:00

By The Nation

Office of the judiciary says it would be breaking the law if it called off the project or demolished buildings.

THE OFFICE of the Judiciary has cited “laws” as the reason why it cannot suspend construction of the controversial residences for court officials at the foot of Chiang Mai’s Doi Suthep mountain or demolish some of those buildings despite growing calls from locals and environmentalists. 

“If we stop the construction, we will be sued for breaching construction contracts. In that case, the government will have to pay compensation using the state budget,” the Office’s secretary-general, Sarawut Benjakul, said yesterday. 

He added that the Office also could not order the demolition of buildings in the ongoing construction projects because such an action would also be against the law.

“If we order the demolition, the Office of the Auditor-General may hold us liable for damages,” he explained.

Sarawut was speaking after the executive board of the Courts of Justice discussed the controversy arising from the Office’s decision to construct an office building for the Court of Appeals Region 5 and residences for court officials at Doi Suthep. These projects were sanctioned with a budget of nearly Bt1 billion. 

Hundreds of people staged a rally in Chiang Mai province on Sunday to demand the construction project be scrapped. They said the projects had apparently encroached on forestland and caused environmental damage. The military has tried to mediate in the dispute by arranging talks among the parties. However, none of the court’s representatives has so far sat down to talk to opponents at a session arranged by the military. 

Sarawut maintained yesterday that the construction site did not encroach on the nearby Doi Suthep-Pui National Park and argued that it was in the same line as the Chiang Mai Night Safari, the Chiang Mai University agricultural dyke, Chang Khian Community and Chang Puak Community. “You can see the alignment clearly from bird’s eye-view pictures,” he said. 

Photo from Twitter @K5_Rescue

Regarding allegations of environmental damage, Sarawut said his Office had not cut down any big trees because all those more than 30 centimetres in diameter at the construction site had been dug up and relocated. The relocated trees included four teak trees, 29 Burma Paduak trees and 86 Antimony trees, he said. 

He added that the Office also planned to plant 6,400 new trees in the area after the construction was completed. “Because of constraints in our budget and human resources, we will have to ask for government support for the greening effort,” he said. 

Even though the Office cancelled its participation in the scheduled military-mediated session on the dispute at almost the last minute yesterday morning, the Third Army Area commander Lt-General Vijak Siribansop still decided to go ahead with the meeting. He listened to opponents of the court officials’ residences in the presence of Chiang Mai Governor Pawin Chamniprasart and representatives from various government agencies. Participants concluded that a committee would be set up to survey the construction site to determine by April 19 how many buildings encroached on forestland and should be demolished. Vijak said he would report the proposals to Army chief General Chalermchai Sittiprasart.

Teerasak Rupsuwan, coordinator of the Network to Reclaim Doi Suthep Forest, said 45 houses and four apartment buildings for court officials would have to be demolished.



April 10, 2018


ถึง บล็อกเกอร์ ทุกท่าน โปรดอ่าน
   ด้วยทาง บริษัท จีเอ็มเอ็ม แกรมมี่ จำกัด (มหาชน) ได้ติดต่อขอความร่วมมือ มายังเว็บไซต์และเว็บบล็อกต่าง ๆ รวมไปถึงเว็บบล็อก OKnation ห้ามให้มีการเผยแพร่ผลงานอันมีลิขสิทธิ์ ของบริษัท จีเอ็มเอ็ม แกรมมี่ฯ บนเว็บ blog โดยกำหนดขอบเขตของสิ่งที่ห้ามทำ และสามารถทำได้ ดังนี้
- การใส่ผลงานเพลงต้นฉบับให้ฟัง ทั้งแบบควบคุมเพลงได้ หรือซ่อนเป็นพื้นหลัง และทั้งที่อยู่ใน server ของคุณเอง หรือ copy code คนอื่นมาใช้
- การเผยแพร่ file ให้ download ทั้งที่อยู่ใน server ของคุณเอง หรือฝากไว้ server คนอื่น
- เผยแพร่เนื้อเพลง ต้องระบุชื่อเพลงและชื่อผู้ร้องให้ชัดเจน
- การใส่เพลงที่ร้องไว้เอง ต้องระบุชื่อผู้ร้องต้นฉบับให้ชัดเจน
จึงเรียนมาเพื่อโปรดปฎิบัติตาม มิเช่นนั้นทางบริษัท จีเอ็มเอ็ม แกรมมี่ฯ จะให้ฝ่ายดูแลลิขสิทธิ์ ดำเนินการเอาผิดกับท่านตามกฎหมายละเมิดลิขสิทธิ์

1 การเขียน หรือแสดงความคิดเห็นใด ๆ ต้องไม่หมิ่นเหม่ หรือกระทบต่อสถาบันชาติ ศาสนา และพระมหากษัตริย์ หรือกระทบต่อความมั่นคงของชาติ
2. ไม่ใช้ถ้อยคำหยาบคาย ดูหมิ่น ส่อเสียด ให้ร้ายผู้อื่นในทางเสียหาย หรือสร้างความแตกแยกในสังคม กับทั้งไม่มีภาพ วิดีโอคลิป หรือถ้อยคำลามก อนาจาร
3. ความขัดแย้งส่วนตัวที่เกิดจากการเขียนเรื่อง แสดงความคิดเห็น หรือในกล่องรับส่งข้อความ (หลังไมค์) ต้องไม่นำมาโพสหรือขยายความต่อในบล็อก และการโพสเรื่องส่วนตัว และการแสดงความคิดเห็น ต้องใช้ภาษาที่สุภาพเท่านั้น
4. พิจารณาเนื้อหาที่จะโพสก่อนเผยแพร่ให้รอบคอบ ว่าจะไม่เป็นการละเมิดกฎหมายใดใด และปิดคอมเมนต์หากจำเป็นโดยเฉพาะเรื่องที่มีเนื้อหาพาดพิงสถาบัน
5.การนำเรื่อง ภาพ หรือคลิปวิดีโอ ที่มิใช่ของตนเองมาลงในบล็อก ควรอ้างอิงแหล่งที่มา และ หลีกเลี่ยงการเผยแพร่สิ่งที่ละเมิดลิขสิทธิ์ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นรูปแบบหรือวิธีการใดก็ตาม 6. เนื้อหาและความคิดเห็นในบล็อก ไม่เกี่ยวข้องกับทีมงานผู้ดำเนินการจัดทำเว็บไซต์ โดยถือเป็นความรับผิดชอบทางกฎหมายเป็นการส่วนตัวของสมาชิก
OKnation ขอสงวนสิทธิ์ในการปิดบล็อก ลบเนื้อหาและความคิดเห็น ที่ขัดต่อความดังกล่าวข้างต้น โดยไม่ต้องชี้แจงเหตุผลใดๆ ต่อเจ้าของบล็อกและเจ้าของความคิดเห็นนั้นๆ

กลับไปหน้าที่แล้ว กลับด้านบน