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Supreme Commander believes political conflict is reconcilable

Bangkok - Supreme Commander Gen Boonsang Niempradit admitted the political conflict which one side tried to win over the other side was worrisome. But he believed it is reconcilable.

He asked all parties to do things for the sake of the country.

Gen Boonsang revealed the army development and the controversial Preah Vihear were discussed at this mornings meeting.

He insisted the political and the Assets Examination Committee issues were not included in the meeting.

The general said he concerned about the Peoples Alliance for Democracy (PAD)s rally which has taken place for over two weeks.

Asked about the former prime minister Gen Suchinda Kraprayoons proposal to dissolve the parliament, Gen Boonsang gave no comment.

As for the Preah Vihear, he said the new map proposed by Cambodia was close to what Thailand wanted.

He also said Cambodia and Thailand should jointly solve the problems about the overlapping areas.

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