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Managing Yourself for Success - Episode I

As agreed with A.Chaiyos's commentthat only 5 daysfromTTT sessionwould not besufficient to be a GOOD TRAINER ! So I decide to follow along and observe A.Chaiyos's Training... With my current role so I can observe only weekend session. The first session which I attended was "Managing Yourself for Success" on Aug 23, 08. Lucky that Yee had attended that session too !(So glad so I got friend!!)
Actually it was two days session: August 22 & 23, 08 @ Tawana Ramada Hotel on Surawongse Road. This is the training which A.Chaiyos conducted for employees from "Janssen-Cilag". Majority of the attendees are new hires/ fresh graduate! Very young jing jing ~~~~ And one group whichis more senior manager.Thanks to Janssen-Cilagka !
Here are summary contents, tips &techniqueswhich I collected from A.Chaiyos'ssession !!! Let's enjoy ~~~~~
Focus of this training are the concept of E-STAR
* Concept of E-STAR
* Self Leadership
* Self Management
* Create Creditability & Communication for Persuade Other
* Team Work & Build Networking
What are the concept of E-STAR which will makeyou to bethe"PROFESSIONAL" ;
    • Ethics
    • Self-Leadership & Management
    • Teamwork for team success
    • Attitude & Ability Development
    • Result Delivery

4 A - LedershipStyle

    • Attitude (Դԧǡ Դҷ)
    • Action Orientation (鹻Ժѵ)
    • Adversity Breakthrough (ҿѹػä)
    • Adaptation (ѺաѺ¹ŧ)

To be continue in Episode II ................. Stay tone ~~~~

Have a lovely Wednesday : )

PS: Break into Episode..... so I got more blogs ka !!!! : )



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