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Mt. Fuji the long crimb but long pride

After i went back from the Mt. Fuji i have a lot of stories for all of you my friend. It is not so easy to go there even Japnese.People here not so many can go to the peak of this mountain. Along the way which me and my mate travelling by car pass through Hakone the mountain area that was so hard because the widing road as same as Mae hong sorn.

We started to go there from Kanagawa and spending time on the road about 10 p.m. to1 a.m. and after that 6 hours non stop crimbing to the top pf Mt. Fuji. I could not sleep proper in the shaking car. However the weather at the check point that we stopped a car is really nice and it is on the heigh of the Fuji Mt. about 2250 metres. So we just keep walking some more 1500 metres left. Rain started falling about the one third of the wey.That was cut off ourenegy a lot.And Yes but as far as we step our feet the air is so few. Not so much Oxygent on the Mt. And it was so cold, i saw some people who went back from the peak...woww their head cover with flake of ice. I realized that not gonna be good if i am too hurry to get to the top.

Finally before 750 metres i feel closely to fainted,fortunately my friend passed me a small dumping oxygent tank to me and it was safe my ass from the mountain sickness symtom. We tried hard until all of us could get to the shrine and took some nap at there.

From theway back to Kanagawa we stop tothe famous onzen (Hot spring shower tub)Unfortunately i did nottry it because i feel really sick but i promises with myself ....I will be back for one day. That is a briefly of my short trip... miss you all



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