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How to pass Driving license test in Japan (Futamatagawa/Kangawa ken)

Hello Gaijin my friend I am one of the Gaijin here too in Japan. One of the most hardest place to get a Japan drinving license is Futamatagawa....Kanagawa area. I have met hundreds of expatriots who suffering from the service and manner of the officers at this place. I knew it and i fed up of this too. This is the reason why i made this guide map for you to past the test as fast as possible if you are not New Zealander or Australian..You may get a real problem from there.

First of all applying by convert your original driving license to Japnese license. Many cases had got a lot of questions and lots of document request. Do not give up my friend if they want to see your details about how many time do u change your license in your country...try to get all of that details from your country and translate papers to Jap language and let your embassy in Japan certify it. Do not believe the officer at there if he or she say you have to study as Japanese people because they need to rip off your money.

After you pass this process which means you have to go there 3 or 4 times you will get a test this is a bit tricky and stupid questions in the paper test. All questions are 10 points and they have only 2 set of test....SO do not wory and follow me. 10 Questions will ask you to answer only yes or no. And this is the all questiuons which they gonna ask you in paper test.

set 1.

1.If you see the police showing the light the answer is no because the arrow is yellow light

2. If you see the fire alarm picture and the range 1 meter can not parking answer is yes

3. If you see pic of Truck and a carrying capacity 1.1 something answer is yes

4.If you see the solid yellow line in the middle of the road and have two cars from different lane try to turn right and left to go inside the same gasoline station the answer is no

5.If you see the yellow solid line on the middle raod again and the 2 cars from different lane try to take over to the front the answer is no (Because yellow solid in the middle of the road not allow you to take over to the front)

6. If they said you do not need to use seat belt if the car has an air bag the answer is so common sense it is no

7.If they say when u drive a car and have some accident if it is not so serious you do not need to inform situatuin to the police the answer is no

8.If you see the house and the area space 3 meters around the house and garage it is not allow any car to park at there the asnwer is yes

9. If you find the sign of priority bus lane while you are in that lane you have to leave that lane immidiately when the bus coming at your back the answer is yes

10. i forget but i think only 9 you gonna pass it because you need 7 points only

set 2

1.you may see the same police showing the light torch up abover the head again the answer is no

2. If you see the pavement that has a solid long yellow line at the corner of its and the question is If you see this yellow line you can not stop your car at there ..The answer is no because all correct is not parking either. They want to know you know it for real or not quite like a trap do not answer yes ok

3. You may see the car giving a winker sign for turn left or right at the intersection in 3 seconds the answer is no because winker have to give 30 meters before reaching to the intersection and 3 seconds rule for winker is when you want to take over to another car in front of you.

4.If you see the baby sit in the babay seat the answer is yes because it ok for kid to sit in the baby seat and it proper to their size.

5.If you see the road sign that has a white background and 1 across blue line vertical the meaning is the end of the raod regulation the answer is yes

6.If you see the warning sign that has 2 kid walking int he yellow background the meaning is it has kid or kinder garten around there the answer is no because the question will ask you like if u c this sign it menas the front of your car will have a crossing line. Do not confuse with this sigh because same picture but you can see yellow background or white back ground meaning are different.

7.If they ask you about the carrying capacity of the car such as 2 childs can be as 1 adult. The answer is wrong or no because this rule no have in the law.The real ruke is 3 kids who are not older than 12 years old can be the same as 2 adults.

8.If you see the traffic light with red light brinking you can acroos the road by pay an attention to the others traaffic car. The answer is yes

9.If you see the road sign asred background with white line horizental the sign it is the sign of no entry but the another side of the raod may be ok because it is a kind of oneway road the answer is yes

10.The last picture will show u a guy riding a motorcycle and try to break very hard. The question is If you double speed a timing which you have to apply a break should have to use double too. The answer is no. If you break really hard the wheel of motorbike will lock and it is too dangerous.

I hope all of this tip will make you pass the paper test in 1 time. You do not need to pay money and waste your time as the others victim again my friend. Next time i will tell you all the tip to pass driving test at Futamatagawa.

No parking or stopping

NO entry for vehicle

Pedestrain crossing

end of traffic regulation

warning school or kinder garten around here

Winker rule 30 metersbefore you reach to the junction give a winker sign.

the course map


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