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This is England

I just watched some British movie last week by not intend to watch it for real for the first time in YOUTUBE. And this movie name is This is England. The movie explainsed and showing time about the period of Forkland war year 1982. The time which a lot of Britishpeople turn to considered about the pride of their nation.Dramatically story tellingus abouthow hard to survive for the family who deal with thiswar.

The idealism aboutWhites andforeigner who came to England with hope and struggle forsetting a job and business inunder the Unionjack flag. I think in thecircumstand that somoneshout to you like this movie gonna make you feeling thrill and stunning for a seconds. And the wordwhich the boy saidF-ckin Pakiss is so horrible and hurt. I realize that people in England at that time might living with unsure about their indentity and need to see something as an old pictures from the olden day come back again.

If you already watched it. I hope you enjoyed it.If you are not try it and tell me how do you feel.



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