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How will this make a difference?

On that day, people will send in thousands of images of citizens gathering at important places around the worldfrom the melting glaciers of Mt. Everest to the sinking beaches of the Maldivesdisplaying the number 350 in a creative way. 350.org will be getting those pictures and putting them on the big screens in Times Square and projecting them at the UN headquarters. We'll also be getting them into newspapers large and small on October 25ththe same newspapers that politicians all over the world use as a barometer of public opinion. But more importantly, we'll be able to use them in the weeks before the huge UN Climate meeting in Copenhagen to remind our leaders that they need to take physical realityand not political expediencyinto account when they're making decisions about our collective future. 350 is a clear and specific goal (unlike vague demands to "stop global warming") that helps move the negotiations in the direction science and justice demand. We'll also deliver copies of the imagesand the stories that go with themto national delegates and heads of state the world over. We'll make sure your voice is heard and this debate is re-framed in time to make a difference.

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