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tadao ando

tadao ando was born in osaka, japan, in 1941.
he was the first born of twin boys.
from ages 10 to 17 ando spent his time mostly making wood models
of ships, airplanes, and moulds, learning the craft from a carpenter
whose shop was across the street from his home.

Ҵ ѹ Դͻ 1941 (Ѩغѹ 68 : ) ͧͫҡ ȭ ὴ 㹪ǧ 10 - 17 ѹ仡Ѻ÷蹨ͧ , ͧԹ 繵 ¹ԪҪҧҡҧ Ңͧҹçҹͧ

1962-1969, by his early twenties, ando had decided on a self-directed
course of architectural study that took him throughout japan to visit
temples, shrines, and tea houses, to europe, africa and to the united
. he was studying architecture by going to see actual buildings,
and reading books about works of architects such as le corbusier,
ludwig mies van der rohe, alvar aalto, frank lloyd wright, and louis kahn
before returning to osaka at the age of 28 to open his own studio,
tadao ando architect & associates.

ǧԺ ҳ 1962-1969 ( 21-28 ) ѹеѴԹ㨷֡ʶһѵ¡µͧ ¡Թҧ֡ҨҡҤèԧ ͺš 㹭 Ѵ, , ҹ ʹȷҧᶺջû Ϳԡ ԡ ֡ҧҹʶһѵ¡ҡ仴Ҥèԧ Шҡҹ˹ѧ ੾Чҹʶһѵ¡ ͧ ٫ (Le Corbusier), شԡ ҹ (Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe), (Alvar Aalto), ç ´ ÷ (Frank Lloyd Wright), ҹ (Louis Kahn) ͹ҨСѺҵӹѡҹ繢ͧͧ TADAO ANDO ARCHITECT & ASSOCIATES

tadao ando has been a visiting professor at tokyo university, yale,
harvard, and columbia

Ҵ ѹ ѺԭҨ Է, Է, Է, Է

some architectural projects:

1976 row house (azuma house) sumiyoshi, osaka

1983 rokko housing I, kobe, hyogo

1988 church of the light, osaka

1989 childrens' museum, himeji, hyogo

1991 water temple, awaji island, hyogo

1992 japan pavilion expo '92, seville;
naoshima contemporary art museum, kagawa
1991-1993 vitra conference pavilion, weil am rhein;
factory building for the company benetton in treviso, italy
1995 meditation space, unesco, paris
1998 toto seminar house,
awaji, hyogo; hiroki oda museum, gamo-gun, shiga
1999 rokko housing III, kobe, hyogo
2000 fabrica (benetton research center), treviso, italy;
awaji island project, awaji, hyogo
2001 theater for giorgio armani, milan, italy
2002: the modern art museum of fort worth, texas
next to construction: museumfondation pinault, paris

among the many prizes he received:
1979 the annual prize from the architectural institute of japan
1985 5th alvar aalto medal, finnish association of architects
1989 gold medal, french academy of architecture
1992 carlsberg architectural prize, denmark
1995 chevalier de l'ordre des arts et des lettres, france;
pritzker architecture prize
1997 royal gold medal, royal institute of british architects;
officier de l'ordre des arts et des lettres, france

selected solo exhibitions:
1991 museum of modern art, new york
1993 centre georges pompidou, paris
royal institute of british architects, london
1995 basilica palladiana, vicenza
1998 national museum of contemporary art, korea, seoul;
royal academy of arts, london
1999 galerie aedes east, berlin
current exhibition:
'tadao ando: architect' saint louis art museum
october 6 through december 30, 2001

Ũҡ http://www.designboom.com/eng/interview/ando.html

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